The city of Nora

This is the main temple of Nora which I have honoured in the name of peace…
Saba, son of Milkaton.

Nora is one of the most important archaeological sites to be found in Sardinia and was founded by the Phoenicians between the 9th and 8th centuries BC.
At the present time, the stratifications of the Phoenician-Punic period are overlaid by ruins dating from the period of Roman domination; they conquered it in 23  BC and elected it as a “municipium”, endowing it with great magnificence.
The area lies on the tip of Cape Pula, where at one time stood the old port, used from the beginning as a trading point for the whole Mediterranean area.
Here the first written evidence of the name Sardinia was discovered – SHRDN, the Sardinia of the Shardana, one of the mythical sea peoples, legendary seafarers mentioned in the Bible and in the annals of ancient Egypt.
On the beach of Nora stands the small church dedicated to Sant’Efisio, a place much beloved by the faithful and visitors alike, especially during the period running from 1 – 4 May of each year, which sees the famous Feast of Sant’Efisio.

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